About Us

Gilbert Link Shipping Ltd is one of the UK’s most respected International & Caribbean Freight Forwarding companies, specialising in transporting goods to Grenada, Jamaica, Barbados & many more.  Our capabilities in global & Caribbean shipping transportation are supported by specialist personnel highly experienced in Customs procedures.


We have several networks worldwide and provide shipping service to the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. We strive to provide comprehensive and an extremely high Service to Both Commercial and Domestics Customers.

We provide a customer focused service that consist of a reliable, efficient, and honest services. We work closely with the world’s most reliable and most recognized carriers to bring you the best possible options for both shipping and freight forwarding. We provide a flexible and customer-friendly personalized service to all customers.


When you choose GIlbertlinkShipping, you can ensure your goods are delivered securely, and on time, using our transportation service. Our warehouses are close to the principal ports in the United Kingdom. Our London base warehouses are conveniently located near Heathrow airports and Gatwick Airport.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a culture of relationships, opportunity, and growth amongst all Customers. Our open and honest communication is focus Domestics and Commercial Customers allowing us to provide a unique Service. We work to expand our global footprint through our mission offering quality, performance, and integrity. That will help us to increase our scope and capabilities while remaining dedicated to our corporate values.

Our emphasis on customer service is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients as well as our valued worldwide partners and agents. We have been rewarded with extensive support and growth.  

It is our dedicated and custom-built service that separates us from our competitors. We value a sense of urgency and impeccable execution in the services we provide. We encourage a Speak Up factor within our teams, Good or Bad feedback from our customers and partners, we are always Listening and Actioning Feedback that will help us to be better to accommodate our customers’ needs and wants.

Our mission is to transport your goods safely from collection to delivery in a timely manner.

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